After the roaring success of the first Round-up (remember when I gave it the cool nickname) we are back for round two. Here is a quick jog around the regulated legal world.

  • Have you ever known a professor who didn’t love golf? I didn’t think so. Have you ever been able to get a lawyer to stop talking about the law? Don’t lie to me, its rude. It was going to happen sooner or later, but I’m hoping this one sticks around — ladies and gentlemen, for your tee time banter: The FCPA Mulligan Rule.
  • I hope you got all of your “Congress never does anything” jokes out of your system. These Lame Ducks could cost you a fortune.
  • 10 years ago the thought of having two employers would have meant that I had: 1) two small paychecks, 2) a couple of lousy jobs, and 3) at least one terrible middle manager to report to. I’d much rather be a federal contractor in this day and age, where having joint employers means there are more people to sue.
  • If you sit real still, watch closely, and are willing to have less fun than bird watching, you can witness the birth of the proxy advisor industry.