On Monday, December 6, in an effort to run some names against the SDN list, I headed over to OFAC’s website. Much to my surprise I discovered that the Treasury Department had unveiled its newly designed website.  To make things even more serendipitous, I stumbled across the Treasury blog.  The first post is penned by the one and only Tim Geithner, with the second post highlighting some of the new features. One of the features is the highly anticipated automated Trade Sanctions Reform Act application (commonly referred to as Ag-Med) for licensing exports of agricultural and medical goods to Iran and Sudan. OFAC indicated at BIS Update that they invested significant amounts of time into the process and we hope it will help speed up the application review times.

Rest assured loyal OFAC fans, you can still find all the same information as before but now in a more “user friendly” format. Spend a few minutes learning your way around. If nothing else, the government will like the increased traffic.