Spring forward with a rundown of last week’s top developments related to government contracts.

1. Proposed Rule to Change Price-Reduction Clause

The General Service Administration (GSA) proposed a new rule to change the basis of award monitoring requirement of the existing price-reductions clause, resulting in a burden reduction for participating FSS contractors.

2. OFPP Takes Actual Steps to Improve Relationship with Vendors

The Administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy recently released a progress report detailing the steps OFPP has taken to achieve a more innovative, effective and efficient acquisition system.

3. Contractor Overcharges D.C. Homeless Program

An audit report on Washington, D.C.’s homeless programs revealed that its main contractor used accounting practices that violate both city and federal law to overbill the city by more than $5.3 million.

4. VA Officials Illegally Shift Funds for Improper Purpose

The VA inspector general’s office found that two former heads of the VA’s Chief Business Office shifted $92.5 million in medical support money toward the development of a new claims-processing system.

5. DOD Rule Proposes Ban of Foreign Made Flags

A new rule proposed by the Department of Defense would bar the military from using department funds for “the purchase or manufacture of a flag of the United States, unless such flag is manufactured in the United States.”

6. Great News for Amtrak, House Passes $8B Funding Bill

The House passed legislation Wednesday authorizing nearly $8 billion in funding for Amtrak, and overhauling its procurement and accounting process.