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FAPIIS Flap-is: Transparency Advocates Hate It Now, Contractors Likely to Hate It Later

This post was also written by Joelle E.K. Laszlo. It has been called “a steaming pile,” posited as “the worst government website . . . ever seen,” and emblazoned with two giant red thumbs pointed downward. And those were the reviews of its proponents. Just a handful of weeks after much of its content it became … Continue Reading

Coming in April: Transparency, by FAPIIS

This post was written by Joelle E.K. Laszlo. Though April 15 will not be tax day this year, it may still be scary for some. According to an interim rule published last week in the Federal Register, April 15 is the day that information in the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (“FAPIIS”) will be … Continue Reading

Public Availability Requirement Has Contractors Wondering: ‘Will FAPIIS Trap Us?’

This post was written by Joelle Laszlo. In a twist lauded by proponents of government transparency, the 2010 Supplemental Appropriations Act (“Act”) signed by President Obama July 29, 2010, requires that nearly all of the information contained in the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (“FAPIIS”) be made available on the Internet. Specifically, the … Continue Reading

Out with the CCR and ORCA; in with the SAM

On July 30, 2012, the new System for Award Management (“SAM”) spread its wings and launched online at This new database is intended to combine numerous federal procurement systems into one new, streamlined system. Specifically, the procurement systems that will be transferred to SAM include the following: Central Contractor Registration (CCR)/ Federal Agency Registration … Continue Reading

For Government Contractors, Will 2012 Be the Rise of the “Past Performance Primary POC”?

This post was written by Joelle E.K. Laszlo. If you are a Federal government contractor, please take a moment to recall the name of your “Past Performance Primary POC,” or P4OC for short. [In the unlikely event that this acronym catches on, you saw it here first.] Don’t know who your P4OC is? Don’t have … Continue Reading

Those Seeking Dirty Laundry will be Disappointed – New Government Rules on Contractor Information Subject to Public Disclosure

This post was written by Steven D. Tibbets and Lorraine M. Campos. There is a long history of federal court cases distinguishing which items of information that contractors disclose to the Government may be obtained by the public and which items may not. Currently, there is much debate regarding how well the relatively new Federal … Continue Reading

Government Contracts Federal Forecaster, Vol. VI, No. 2

Articles In This Issue: Suspension and Debarment Is Not a Tool To Punish…Except When It Is Don’t Forget About D&O Insurance When That Government Subpoena Arrives New Service Contracting Regulations: Will Make Employees Smile and Impose Additional Requirements on Employers Advancement and Indemnification of Directors and Officers of Delaware Corporations: What Government Contractors Need to … Continue Reading