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2015 Corruption Perceptions Index: What You Should Know

On January 27, 2016, Transparency International released its 2015 update to its annual “Corruption Perceptions Index” (“CPI”), an important resource for corporate anti-corruption compliance efforts. In total, 168 countries and territories around the globe were rated based on the perception of public sector corruption.  For a summary of this year’s CPI, and for Reed Smith’s … Continue Reading

Whether to Proffer? Important Change to Pittsburgh Proffer Agreement Makes for a Difficult Decision in the Western District of Pennsylvania

This post was also written by Shannon Voll Poliziani. A crucial decision in most federal “white collar” criminal investigations is whether to “proffer” to the government – to engage in an off-the-record, question-and-answer session with the prosecutor and investigating agent in the hopes of getting immunity, a plea deal, or no charge at all. Because … Continue Reading

Supreme Court Rules That Juries – Not Judges – Must Determine Facts Supporting Large Criminal Fines

This post was written by Efrem M. Grail and Kyle R. Bahr. Criminal fines against companies and individuals convicted of white collar, antitrust, environmental, health care, and other offenses can balloon into the millions or hundreds of millions of dollars. In a recent ruling that protects the Sixth Amendment rights of defendants in these high-stakes … Continue Reading

In Re Grand Jury, No. 12-1697 (3d Cir. May 24, 2012)

This post was also written by Efrem M. Grail, Esq. A recent Third Circuit opinion undercuts the attorney-client privilege, especially in federal grand Jury investigations of companies and individuals. Under the new precedent, there is no way to immediately challenge a court order invading the protections of the attorney-client privilege without first suffering a judicial … Continue Reading