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Acquisition of Some Non-TAA-Compliant Drugs to be Permitted by Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs recently announced that it will now require all covered drugs under the Veterans Health Care Act to be offered on Federal Supply Schedule contracts, regardless of whether they meet the “country of origin” standards of the Trade Agreements Act. This decision represents a major reversal in policy for the VA.  … Continue Reading

Supreme Court Remands Pay-for-Delay Settlement for Antitrust Review in FTC v. Actavis

This post was also written by Jessica R. Rose. The U.S. Supreme Court last week issued a significant decision subjecting pay-for-delay settlements, a common practice in the pharmaceutical industry, to antitrust review. Also known as reverse payments, these settlements typically involve payments from a brand drug manufacturer to a generic drug manufacturer to settle patent litigation … Continue Reading

D.C. Circuit: Rule Capping Drug Rates Upheld, and Drug Manufacturers are Paying

On January 4, 2013, the D.C. Circuit upheld a Department of Defense rule that probably has drug manufacturers feeling like they’re going to pay for drinks they didn’t order—but not literally, of course. In reality, the decision puts them on the hook for the partial refund of thousands of prescription drugs dating back to 2008. … Continue Reading