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On-Time Bid Proposals—Not a Second Too Late

Submitting your company’s bid proposal close to the deadline can be risky and have grave consequences. The government has repeatedly rejected proposals submitted before, but received after, the deadline because of technical glitches.  In submitting a proposal for a government contract, the onus is on the contractor to ensure that its proposal is received prior … Continue Reading

If It Walks Like a Sole-Source Award and Quacks Like a Sole-Source Award, Then It’s Probably a Sole-Source Award

This post was also written by Steven D. Tibbets. A recent U.S. Court of Federal Claims bid protest decision illustrates how one agency’s apparent attempt to award a sole-source contract without making the findings to justify the award was unlawful, though, ultimately, the protest challenging award was not successful. The Court’s decision in Mobile Medical … Continue Reading