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Going Once, Going Twice…Sold to the Lowest Bidder

Earlier this month, the General Services Administration (GSA) launched its new reverse auction tool for commonly purchased products on certain Federal Supply Schedules (FSS). GSA’s Reverse Auction Platform — reverseauctions.gsa.gov — is designed to drive down procurement prices and increase taxpayer savings. Specifically, reverse auctions are intended to make the buying of non-complex commodities and … Continue Reading

Pressing on the Brakes and Shifting into Reverse: The Department of Veterans Affairs Halts the Use of Reverse Auctions

Back in 2000, Professor David C. Wyld published an initial report on the potential of reverse auctions as a government cost-saving tool. Reverse auctions enable sellers to “bid down” prices for their goods and services, and have become an increasing method for federal procurement. In his second report on the topic, Professor Wyld estimated that use of … Continue Reading